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Aging in Community: Raines

A Cohousing Coach and community organizer, Raines is an "aspiring elder" dedicated to building an Aging-in-Community movement. He has visited over 100 US cohousing neighborhoods, helped develop and promote the Group Works card deck, and trains forming Senior Cohousing groups and "Beacon Hill" Village networks in the Danish "Successful Aging" curriculum, and is a founding member of the Elders' Guild. Raines recently returned from the inaugural meeting of the Global Ecovillage Network Elders' gathering, at Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland, and is eager to share insights and best practices. He wrote the Aging-in-Community chapter in the book Audacious Aging (Elite, 2009). Raines is a Certified Senior Advisor and LEED Green Associate, Associate Producer of the movie Within Reach, and runs East Bay Cohousing/ Cohousing California. He lives with his wife Betsy Morris in a sustainable community, where he loves to learn from his neighbors.

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Raines Cohen